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Apple School of Sports Medicine & Back Care
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"after attending the NHS for five months and receiving cortisone injections in addition to physiotherapy, which made no difference at all, I consulted Alan Lee for chronic neck pain and hip pain. I could feel a difference in my neck after only one session and after a few more my hip pain had gone.

The movement in my neck continued to improve with each session until I could move my head and neck freely with almost no pain. I do daily, gentle exercises which I've been given and am now almost back to normal."

A.R., East Kilbride

It is with great pleasure I give this testimony to a gifted and skillful osteopath. I lost the feeling down the left side of my body after suffering a small stroke a few years ago. It was Mr Lee and his skillful determination to help me that got me 95% of my feeling back, and for that I will be for ever thankful. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

B.M. Maybole , Ayrshire , Scotland

I had been suffering from extremely painful back pain for 9 months. On my first visit to see Alan he diagnosed my condition where other health professionals had failed and am now greatly improved and on the road to recovery

L.O., Pediatric Nurse, Glasgow

So here I am finished my treatment with Alan and how do I feel? "Fantastic" doesn't
come close. Pain can blind your thoughts and so can painkillers.
When you finally see that you're on a cycle of pain relief, it's time to take
charge of your own recovery. I have used Alan in the past and will continue to do
so, surprising to some people, but did you know that I went with one problem
and Alan ended up addressing lots more. Now you don't get that on the NHS.
Sound familiar? Your treatment is as individual as you are. I got my old friend
back... ME!!

L.H., (convert) Childminder

attending the apple clinic has greatly helped in relieving my pain and keeping me mobile

J.F., Plumber

After an injury at work resulting in severe back & shoulder pain, I was advised to see Mr Lee by a friend after failed physiotherapy. The difference was unbelievable in as little as a few weeks. My posture was the best it had been in years, the pain & spasms I'd been suffering were drastically reduced & my mobility had increased substantially.
During my sessions I have learned that although you have pain in a specific area that is not always the root of the injury. Also that you cannot undo in a couple of sessions that which has taken months to occur. I give Mr Lee my highest recommendation, you will not be disappointed!!

J.G. Paramedic



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