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Sports Psychology

For sports psychology ... read mental programming ...read getting your brain in gear. Developing the ideal mindset for sporting activity is just as important, if not more important, than any other preparatory training. With the correct attitude, great things can be achieved at almost any level. And everyone needs it - it is an indispensible part of any successful sportsman or women. It is becoming increasingly common in sporting circles to hear successful sports people pay their respect and give thanks to people who have motivated and inspired them as they receive a particular prize or award.

This new way of looking at an approach to gaining success, aside from all other aspects of training, coaching, nutrition and team building, is often the missing ingredient in an athlete's overall strategy for achieving success. And all too often the player who most needs the psychological coaching element are those that do not realize it, and who all too readily blame other factors seemingly out of their control for their poor performance.

The Process

Sports psychology is just another term for mental programming and the purpose of mental programming is to get your mind in 'the zone' where all your focus is on performing to the very best of your capability. Only then can you be truly satisfied with your performance.

The process involves...

  • guided visualizations
  • creative brainstorming sessions
  • the ancient "Master Formula of Attainment"
  • inner mind conditioning and programming

Note: this is not the typical goal setting program. This is fun, energizing, and motivating.

In just a short time, you can have your mind entirely focused on achieving whatever you want whether its in the sporting arena or in some other challenge that you are facing.

Even though most people don't feel comfortable initially with this process, they grow to really appreciate the power of their own mind. Begin by writing down what you want to achieve and the state of mind you would need to get it.



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