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Sports Nutrition

Nutrition is an important component of good health and sporting performance. Optimum nutrition can help maximize athletic performance by :

  • maximising energy stores
  • achieving ideal weight for performance
  • ensuring sufficient intake of vitamins and minerals
  • maintaining adequate hydration
  • optimising pre-competition and competition food intake

Nutrition also plays a very important role in aiding recovery from intense training and is therefore a key component in any athlete's training schedule. Carbohydrate and fat are the two main sources of energy used in athletic activity. Protein, while still very important, makes a relatively small contribution to the energy cycle but becomes more significant with the depletion of carbohydrate stores in the absence of other energy sources. The balance of these three key components is critical to maximising energy stores and maintaining a high level of performance. The key to success is in assessing individual requirements and developing a relevant program.

Athletes tend to look for magic bullet supplements and quick devices that will give them the winning edge over the competition. Although some supplements may be helpful for the needs of athletes in particular kinds of events, there is no substitute for a well balanced wholefoods diet incorporating a wide range of unprocessed natural foods.

About Sports Supplements

Supplements can form a key element of a nutritional program and when used in conjunction with the appropriate dietary schedule can have an enormous impact on training performance. We source and supply some of the most efficient and effective supplements for athletic performance and general well-being.

useful downloads

  • endurance support here
  • joint and ligament support here

see also laboratory tests here for determining your nutritional status


Ultra Muscleze

A supercharged formula for energy and muscle recovery essential during and after exercise ...get your fact sheet here
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Enzyme Ice
The no.1 topical gel for rapid relief of muscle and joint pain. Excellent for sports injuries...get your fact sheet here
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The Zone
The Zone is an audio CD that takes your brainwave activity into the optimal state for sporting activity...get your fact sheet here
The Zone £19.95 +p&p
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