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Apple School of Sports Medicine & Back Care
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Sports Injuries

Regular physical activity is proably the most important overall determinant of a populations health. Unfortunately, however, physical activity can extract a cost in the form of an activity related injury. Such an injury can be classfied as being either an acute injury or an overuse injury depending on the mechanism and the onset of symptoms.

At The Apple School Of Sports Medicine we deal exclusively with injuries affecting muscles, joints and ligaments which can include :

  • muscle strain / tear
  • muscle cramps
  • muscle dysfunction of any kind
  • joint issues - sprains, inflammation
  • bursitis
  • tendon / ligament damage
  • nerve entrapments / irritation
  • general / specific back problems

Examples Of Common Sports Injuries

  1. calf strain...more information here
  2. knee pain
    tfl syndrome...more information here
    quadriceps tendinopathy...more information here
    runner's knee...more information here
  3. tennis elbow...more information here
  4. golfers elbow...more information here

Ultra Muscleze

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Enzyme Ice
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The Zone
The Zone is an audio CD that takes your brainwave activity into the optimal state for sporting activity...get your fact sheet here
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