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Apple School of Sports Medicine & Back Care
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Back Care Clinic

also covering neck and joint pain...

Back pain and related conditions such as neck and joint pain cause a great deal of suffering and inconvenience for millions of people in the UK today. In fact, research has shown over 60% of the population will at some point in their life experience the pain and discomfort associated with these conditions.

The Potential Causes

There are many factors influencing the onset of back, neck or joint pain but generally they fall into five main categories.

  1. muscle and / or ligament tightness
  2. poor posture and lack of corrective exercise
  3. joint degeneration and reduced joint flexibility
  4. poor technique - lifting, carying handling
  5. trauma - accidents, falls, sport related etc

Treatment, Education and Prevention

At the Apple Clinic our philosophy is based around successful treatment, education and prevention - the appropriate combination of treatments to suit your individual needs and the back up support to prevent re-occurence. On successful completion of your treatment program, its then important to adopt certain preventive measures according to your individual potential and capability.

BodyWorks Therapy

BodyWorks Massage is a combination treatment that includes :

  • muscle energy techniques
  • tui na ( chinese massage )
  • osteopathic technique
  • neuro-muscular technique
  • exercise prescriptions

Rapid pain relief and providing excellent support for helping muscles and joints return to normal function are the key benefits of these techniques.

Muscle Energy Techniques

Muscle Energy Techniques ( MET ) bring together treatment methods used in physical therapy, osteopathy and manual medicine and are now widely recognised as an effective approach to the successful treatment of musculo skeletal dysfunction of any kind.

How Can MET Be Used?

  • strengthen weak muscles
  • release muscle spasm
  • stretch tight muscles and fascia
  • improve musculo-skeletal function
  • mobilise joints in which movement is restricted
  • improve local circulation

Tui Na ( Chinese Massage )

Tui Na is an ancient system of manipulation and massage that dates back some 5,000 years. It is the forefather of Osteopathy and Chiropractic treatment as many of the techniques used in these disciplines have been taken from Tui Na. Tui Na is used to treat a wide array of conditions and can be used even on baby's and children.

Osteopathic Technique

A common occurence in many types of musculo-skeletal problems are joint restrictions and fixations - what chiropractors also call subluxations. While soft tissue work can sometimes release these types of problems, they will often respond more positively to osteopathic manipulation. very often they have to be manipulated.

Neuro-Muscular Technique ( NMT )

Neuro muscular techniques offer an extremely gentle, efficient and proven method of soft tissue manipulation involving finger / thumb applications. They can be used to assess and treat many kinds of painful conditions and to improve general function, to release muscular tension and, most specifically, to assist in the elimination of acute painful episodes involving trigger point activity.

Exercise Prescriptions

What kind of exercise should you be doing to help alleviate your problems? This is very much an individual concern that can involve combinations of stretching ( as in yoga and pilates ), gym work and cardiovascular methods. We work with you to develop a routine to suit your requirements.



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