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Apple School of Sports Medicine & Back Care
Appointments 07814 528 087     sports injuries back care sports nutrition sports psychology courses
Clinics Ayr and East Kilbride  

Apple Sports Medicine and Back Care

The Apple School of Sports Medicine provides comprehensive care montreal canadiens tickets and support for back pain, neck pain, joint pain and all kinds of sports injuries including knee and ankle pain, tennis elbow, golfers elbow and repetitive strain injury.hosting location Our clinics are based in Ayr and East Kilbride and we serve the whole of Ayrshire and Glasgow districts.

Back pain can present in many forms - sciatica, slipped disc, trapped nerve, muscle pain spasm and stiffness. We cater for all problems of associated with these symptoms. Other problems we treat include frozen shoulder,wicked tickets stamina issues, fatigue and depression in athletes.

Sports medicine - its about getting the best out of your mind and body for optimal godaddy hosting performance in any field of activity. Millions of people all over the world play sport and take part in a variety of exercise programs. Sports Medicine is the field of medicine which takes care of the individual needs of these people at whatever level in which they are involved.

Preparation for sport has become increasingly scientific in recent years new york seo and involves three key elements - training, nutrition and psychology. Bring them together in the appropriate measure and committment and you get an athlete who will definately be at his or her best when the event demands it. Each of these three main elements is supportive of the other and are overlooked only by the naive.

Sports Medicine includes sports injury prevention,seo london diagnosis and treatment; performance enhancement through training, nutrition and psychology and exercise prescriptions to support individual aspirations and recovery programs.

At the Apple, we don't deal in the training aspect but we do offer comprehensive support in the fields of sports injuries, sports nutrition and sports psychology.

Ultra Muscleze

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Enzyme Ice
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The Zone
The Zone is an audio CD that takes your brainwave activity into the optimal state for sporting activity...get your fact sheet here
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Apple School of Sports Medicine & Back Care | 64 Hunters Avenue | Ayr KA8 9HS | Scotland 07814 528 087 | email :alan@applesportsmedicine.co.uk